in animal crossing wealthy state wenndell shall travel through dreams until he encounters your dreame suite. he shall then explore your village , if you talk to him he says that he is in a panic because, he has to fall asleep , he then asks if you could bring him a snack. once you bring him a snack anything will do, he says that it is mighty tasty, but he still isint tired he asks you to sing to him if you do, he gets tired and falls asleep. two weeks later, you get a leter from him saying thanks for the song, in my new town i found something exotick here have it. he will give you one of these dependent on what fruit you gave him -

if you gave a peach - isabelle carpet and wall paper.

if an appale - tom nook carpet and wallpaper.

if a pear -  dr. shrunk carpet and wallpaper.

if an orange - mr. resetiei carpet and wallpaper .

if a cherry - pelly carpet and wallpaper

if a strawberry - gulliver carpet and wallpaper.

if a mango - tortimer carpet and wallpaper.

by the way, all of wenndels wares are exglusife you can only get them from him. .

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